There is a woman of interest that I want to see.  She may end up being a waste of time, she may not be.  What I know is that she is very active, loves the outdoors and exercise, is willing even to try a “scary” mountain bike trail.  We know each other through friends, have talked quite a bit, especially the past few months.  I have kept her at a distance, not quite sure that she is not too extreme in the church department, a little afraid that she is way too intent on finding a man.  But I need to test the waters, expand on what I have seen so far in terms of dating.  While I like D, like that she wants to love me, I am also concerned that she is too much too soon.

G is interesting.  She is far away, a few hours drive.  She wants a lot, maybe more than I have to give.  What I know is that she is willing to ride a mountain bike to get to know me.  I ride tough stuff, but I won’t expose her to that.  I am going to take a few days off next month, take my bike to the trails close to where she lives, ride there.  I invited her to hoin me.

It scares me a bit, but I need to expand my horizons.


4 thoughts on “Expand

    1. I am not sure that I am going to date the other woman. I really like D, know that dating someone else means that I might lose her. I am pretty sure that I don’t want a permanent thing with the other woman. You have a good point, though, and if I am going to be an honest man, then I will tell her.

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