Sit Down With Me For A While

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Current Thoughts

My thoughts today are going to be all over the place, maybe an indication of my state, which is bordering on an organized state of confusion.  I understand where I am at yet am second guessing.  Rather than give up and move on from my current relationship, I am practicing patience and addressing what concerns […]


The funeral was yesterday.  My son and I had arrived on Wednesday, spent the evening with my father.  Dad is struggling, a bit lost without the woman who was his constant companion the last 58 years.  When we arrived, he was trying his best to put on a brave face, but he also wasn’t hiding […]

A Time To Mourn

It’s the day after.  There has been a lot of chatter, some created by my dad who is keeping busy going through all the motions that go with planning a funeral. Yes, my mother died.  She died yesterday.  A lot fell on my shoulders, I think, as dad tried to keep well wishers happy while […]

Good bye?

Before I dig in here tonight, I thought I would share something innocuous.  After today, I think I have a new favorite album.  I know I will be listening to it, at least, for quite a while.  Alice In Chains ‘Rainier Fog’ was released today and I am really impressed.  They have been a go […]


One of the challenges to dating post divorce is figuring out how to broach the subject with each of our children.  D and I are in different divorce stages — she is divorced nearly 9 years, I less than 1 year. Facts:  Her children, both daughters, are 26 and 32 years old, the 26 year […]

Troll Date

It’s probably not what the title of this blog makes you think.  🙂 There is plenty negative in what I write here.  I write my negative thoughts here, the real reason (I think and maybe hope) this blog exists.  This is the place where I process.  As I begin to write, I want to make […]

Tackling the Gorilla

I upset D last week during a text conversation.  We have a lot of conversations via text, something that gets a bit tiresome (texts are just a step above email — I would rather talk or communicate face to face, to lessen the risk of misunderstanding). Here I go again.. focusing on the negative. I […]