Back in Black

Cute pic, eh? Wonder why we are both in black? I will talk about it in a second. It’s a picture I really like, not because I like how I look (I don’t), but it’s a great picture of Lisa. She does kind of glow around me, or so I have been told, and I […]

Summer of ‘Love’

Hmmmm… with a title like that, one might think I am having quite the romantic summer.  I am.  I have used the word ‘love’ quite a bit lately. Warm weather means getting outside and doing stuff.  Lots and lots of schtuff.  Biking.  Swimming.  Barbequing.  Hanging out with friends.  Tennis. Lots and lots of tennis.  My […]

Wrinkled Kisses

I never really thought about the possibility of my 80 year old father having a girlfriend.  Oh, a companion is expected, a woman friend who helps him wile away the days and forget the loneliness of being by himself.  But a girlfriend?  Someone who snuggles up next to him and holds his hand, kisses him […]

For Now

It’s a scorcher around here right now.  Not much keeps me from riding, but it was just the right combo of heat and humidity today that I skipped my ride.  My plan was to wait for the evening and ride when it was cooler, but the prediction was for it to still be in the […]

Where is that book of answers I ordered?

I sure could use that book right now, the one that gives me the correct answer to all of life’s challenges.  It exists, right?  Right? Yeah.  I know.  It would be nice if it did.  Although figuring out things, experiencing, failing, succeeding, surviving is what makes life interesting.  I have walked the journey long enough […]

Summer’s Rambling

This evening I made the choice to stay at home, be quiet, just hang out on my balcony amongst the flowers.  I don’t want it to be a TV night.  I don’t want any form of alcohol to be involved.  That is sun brewed, sweet tea in my glass.  Really, all I need is a […]

Gnocchi is a word I never pronounce properly

“It’s OK if you throw out the tomatoes.  I understand.” I was sitting in one of my condo comfort spots, the kitchen table, my back to the garbage can, a bowl of tonight’s steaming dinner in front of me.  Nate couldn’t really sneak behind me undetected, plus I anticipated what he would do.  The last […]

What to do?

Indeed.  What to do? Some are embracing food and alcohol, binge watching, tackling those indoor projects around the abode that have been put off for a while (maybe years?).  Others are drawn outdoors, tired of looking at the same walls, getting a taste of the outdoors.  I am amazed at how many people, families especially, […]


I don’t know what direction tonight’s write is going to take me.  Heh heh heh… maybe in the write direction? Bad, bad, bad.  So sue me. Quarantine cabin fever got the best of me a few minutes ago, a fog created by a combo of excessive amounts of pizza (courtesy of my son, who might […]