Sit Down With Me For A While

This is the excerpt for your very first post.



April 1, 2017 I woke to the pungent odor of cigarette smoke wafting through the slightly open window behind me, early, the stench bringing me awake quickly.  The room was foreign to me, a crowded reminder that I was no longer living in the home that I had occupied with my wife and family for […]


My time lately has been focused on the bike.  In the middle of May, I am riding an event with a friend of mine called The Assault on Mount Mitchell, a road ride over 100 miles that goes from Spartanburg, South Carolina to Marion, North Carolina, then takes a nasty route up to the Blue […]

State of the Union

What can I say that isn’t gloating or unrealistic?  Maybe I should ask that every time I write an entry.  I don’t know. Every day, every Saturday, is a learning experience for me.  A lot of what I am experiencing right now is a test of the euphoria most people experience during the first months […]


As much as I would like to indulge my new found.. naaaaa… I won’t even say that.  It’s nice to have…. no, I won’t say that either.  I’m finding equilibrium right now is probably the best way to put it.  It’s like I have been trying to climb out of the hole I found myself […]

Tongue Tied

I wish I had a bit more time to write this morning, if only because I want the pleasure of sorting through a few thoughts right now.  Nothing is bad, nothing that has required weeping and gnashing of teeth.  On the contrary, the thoughts that I want to write here are good, very good.  Knowing […]

There should be a warning to this blog entry right now, even before I write.  This is going to be TMI for most people.  It’s being written for me, like the majority of this blog.  If you read on, you are going to read words that are more than you likely want to hear. I […]

Valentines Day Was a Long Time Coming

For the first time in years…. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO VALENTINES DAY!!!!! Each year of my marriage, February 14 became more a chore than a celebration, a day I dreaded from the fear of failure.  It was a day that I could not afford, no matter how hard I tried to plan and scrape […]