My Drug

Don’t set aside what keeps you alive is what I have been told by friends who have experienced divorce.  Don’t sit around and feel sorry for yourself. I’m not, no matter what it may seem from what I write here.  My faithful two wheeled friend has saved me many times already.. and it’s probably what […]

Curse You, Wonder Woman

Wonder woman made me cry.  No, it had nothing to do with the truth being sucked out of me by her lasso, an arrow nicking my ear, a slap across the face, or anything else that remotely resembles physical pain. It was her kiss.  A kiss filled with eternal surrender. I sat in a theater […]

Black Cloud

I’m tired of living in divorce purgatory, the desire to simply move on, no matter how painful or difficult it is going to be, is driving me to the edge of crazy.  Life really isn’t taking it easy either, especially on the financial side, my efforts to get my money under control for when the […]


A few minutes ago, I left a comment on a blog that pretty much summarizes what I am feeling right now about my situation.  The blog made sense (and I should probably give it credit right now, if only so I can rewind my thought process when I eventually revisit this blog entry.. Five Things […]

Finding A Rhythm

It’s been a while since I have published anything on this blog.  There is no real reason and that does not mean that I have not at least started a few entries.  Life has just not allowed me to sit uninterrupted for any period of time, if and when I have the free time to […]


There are only a few minutes right now for me to jot some thoughts down, typical for what the last week or so has been like.. heck.. what the last months since November have been like.  I want to write a few things where I can read them later, however.  Coming back to a point […]

Out With A Blaze

One last weekend in my house, a busy Saturday spent doing the last little tasks before the house sells on Friday, plus some time spent helping my wife arrange her storage unit and pick up a couch/loveseat combo she bought. One final fire, appropriate and fitting was my thought as I sat next to the […]