Sit Down With Me For A While

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One day away, less than 24 hours until the final prove up hearing, and so far this morning has continued what seems like a constant waiting game.  Frustrating as it can be, it is obviously part of the divorce process.  When one of the parties is one who has no sense of urgency, largely due […]

Herding a Cat

This week my wife reminded me a little of why I needed her to be gone.  Most people that I have talked to say that they saw the worst of their spouse during their divorce process, unsavory character amplified by a process that brings out the worst in a person.. or at least it can.  […]

My Toe Gets Wet

Let’s meet tonight, make it simple, meet somewhere to talk, give ourselves the chance to decide if the face to face XXXX and Hope D. is going to be as forever as we want it to be. I don’t like making you wait and frankly, I don’t like waiting either. Go home. Pray about what […]

Floats Hope

Last Wednesday was another divorce status hearing.  There were hopes that my wife’s lawyer and my wife would get their act together, try to have a settlement together before the status hearing.  My lawyer and I tried, contacted them about issues that were still outstanding.  Tuesday was the hearing, nothing came from her lawyer by […]

Tapping my toes

OK. I am never going to understand why my hopefully soon to be ex is willing to pay her lawyer to tread water.  Seriously.  We have basically been negotiating a settlement since the beginning of April. It should not take this long (says every guy who has filed for divorce). Seriously, why should it take […]

A bit of healing on our 25th

I didn’t know how I would feel today, what kind of reaction I would have when my eyes opened and my groggy mind gave in to the morning light.  For days I have tried to steel myself in anticipation, aware that October 3 would likely be a bittersweet day for me.. as well as my […]

Wallowing in Status

The past few months have felt largely like a senseless wallow, my desire for closure constantly challenging my patience.  I am winning the war against patience so far, but it’s not easy.  It’s not that the divorce negotiations are going no where, but they are indeed progressing backwards at times.  My wife’s lawyer seems disinterested […]