Sit Down With Me For A While

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We painted the town last weekend, our brushes missing a few hairs and the colors running a little thin, but we painted nonetheless.  I know my dad well enough to know a quiet time is just as enjoyable as trying to see everything possible in a day or two.  So, we mixed in quite a […]

Party Time

I spent some time straightening up the closet in my spare room, took the bike off of the trainer where it was set up next to the bed, made sure the sheets were on tight, tidied up the desk in the corner.  This weekend, I am going to have a special visitor.  My dad is […]

Winter Weekend

It’s a snowy day, not a blizzard by any means, but enough to keep me off of the bike.  With my newest bike, I like to get out on the snow and see the fresh beauty across the prairies and in the woods.  I live in the midst of a series of forest preserves and […]

Thaw Thoughts

Today is one of those grey Sundays, overcast with heavy clouds looming, the air damp with the moisture of melting snow and ice.  With the warmer air comes a slight thaw, still cold but not cold enough to sustain the snow.  When I venture outside for a ride in a few minutes, I will end […]

Chef MAN

  How pitiful am I becoming?  I have resorted to being one of those people who takes pictures of their food and posts the pictures online.  Tsk tsk tsk.  I am hanging my head. What an exciting Saturday night this is!  It’s just me, myself and I enjoying a hearty meal of healthy cauliflower mac […]

Come on baby light my fire

My fire is blazing. No, that is not the first sentence of my new romance novel.  The picture was taken a few minutes ago, my living room filled with the pleasant warmth of a fire.  There is wine next to me, just far enough from my reach so it’s a little work to take a […]