Sit Down With Me For A While

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I like my cast iron skillets.  Yes, I have several.   One of the challenges to cast iron skillets is seasoning, preparing the skillet so that it heats and provides the best results possible.  When done right, cast iron is the best cooking option (IMO) available. Seasoning is a key to the best performance. The […]

Today’s 5 Minute Whine

For some unknown reason, my ability to log on to the internet at this Panera has been restricted until 7 AM.  I have been sitting here since 6:15, wanting to write (this blog isn’t my only outlet) and stewing.  I want to get my thoughts down, get them in their place, before I start work […]

He’s Here

Thanksgiving is a few days away, the holiday shaping up to be a new and refreshing experience, with Lisa coming along to my family holiday celebration.  Her 36 year old son and 10 year old granddaughter are also going to be with us.  I am looking forward to it, as is Lisa, and she has […]

Something New

Friday brings something new.  I am anxious, not sure what to anticipate.  With the exception of the first month I lived in my condo, I have lived alone.  Really, I have not had many overnight visitors except for my parents (my dad, once), my daughter (once), and a sales rep who needed a place to […]


Beautiful, eh?  Every once in a while, I discover a gem, a place that surprises me with unexpected beauty.  This place is in east central Illinois, a recreation area just east of Champaign.  I won’t say the name simply because I don’t want this blog coming up in a search for the place.  Often, when […]

My Tithe

Some of the hell before the separation, heck MUCH of the hell, had to do with my son.  I really don’t have the words to describe how the alliance created when my wife protected him, undermined me with him, and the power she gave to him destroyed the trust and respect in our marriage.  Now, […]


Life and relationships can settle into a routine.  That can be a comfort to most people, something that others loathe.  I like routine, don’t mind when that routine is temporarily interrupted or changed as long as the shake up doesn’t become the norm. Life with Lisa is settling into a routine, yet there is variety.  […]